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PATEO strives to build the control center for mobile life

time:2016-06-16 source:未知 click: second
After the launch of iVokaL at CTIA 2014, the first mobile connectivity solution based on Android ecosystem, PATEO launches iVokaL2.0, an upgraded version of iVokaL, jointly with Ford in Los Angeles on Nov. 18.
As a cross-platform data connectivity and sharing solution, iVokaL is the first open mobile connectivity system of its kind that can meet technical standards of Apple Carplay, Google Androidauto and SDL. iVokaL has realized voice control of onboard system, mobile phone and the cloud, allowed mobile connectivity of different APP data, and made available for the first time seamless connection of Android system and Ford SDL platform.Great upgrades have been made to the first generation product. iVokaL2.0 has upgraded the unified HMI interface of iVokaL, and adopted new video transformation mode for navigation app, improving both operating experience and practicability.
It is said that PATEO, one of China’s largest Internet of Vehicle companies, is engaged in R&D of communications, GIS, onboard electric appliances, personal intelligent terminal, WEB communityapplication and development, call center, etc. PATEO’s CEO KEN said several years ago that “The car is no longer just a way get from point A to point B. In fact, it isn’t just a car. It’s the control center of our mobile life.” The performance of iVokaL reveals that PATEO has made some achievements towards their objective.