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JAC electric vehicles got on fire and producers claims speci

time:2016-06-29 source:未知 click: second
     On June 26th, a JAC electric vehicle got on fire by itself in Sanlitun, Beijing. Witnesses introduces that the vehicle is a JAC iEV5 model, and the fire began at the back wheel. Currently, no casualties have been reported.
     Reporters have contacted the Brand Operation Department of JAC Passenger Vehicle on the incident, and relevant person in charge said the company has submitted documents to national authentication institution for investigation.
    It’s learned that JAC iEV5 was launched into market on April 20th, 2015, with a subsidized price of RMB 89,800. As the first domestic BEV with complete forward engineering, JAC iEV5 has a range of 240 KM, engine power capacity of 50 KW, peak torque of 215Nm and top speed of 120 KM/H. The batteries are located under the cockpit.
    Alternative energy vehicles have a total sales volume of 176,800 units in 2015, with domestic BEV selling 113,000 units. JAC iEV5 are selling 10,420 units in 2015, comprising about 10% of the national shares. Benefited from alternative energy vehicles’ sales volume, the total sales volume of JAC Passenger vehicles reach 351,900 units, higher than the expected 300,000 units’ target. JAC BEV sells 1,630 units in May, and the total sales volume in 2016 reaches 8,371 units, increasing 399.17% with the previous year.