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DFLZ to double capacity, new plant commissioning in this Nov

time:2016-07-01 source:未知 click: second
 Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor has targeted its sales goal at 320,000 units this year, shooting for 350,000 units. In response to that, this carmaker has also ramped up its capacity significantly. DFLZ’s new plant will be completed around this November and boost the company’s capacity from currently 250,000 units to 500,000 units, including several SUV and MPV models, which will definitely help this carmaker racing to the first echelon.
According to the statistic released by the DFLZ, the sales of its passenger vehicles has totaled 136,000 units for the first 5 months of 2016, up by 3.76% compared against last year, with MPV and SUV models contributing 70% and 30% respectively. Yao Liwen, General Manager at DFLZ’s sales company, said the sales of the company will increase 30% in 2016.
Currently, MPV still dominates the sales of DFLZ, with Lingzhi, one of the carmaker’s MPV model, contributing 43,900 sales for the first 5 months of 2016. By now, DFLZ has already introduced several Lingzhi variants, including Lingzhi M3, long-based Lingzhi M3, Lingzhi V3, Lingzhi M5 and long-based Lingzhi M5, to provide the buyers with more choices.
Meanwhile, DFLZ will further complete its product profiles by introducing several new models including small city SUV, entry-level compact city SUV and compact city SUV. By now, the monthly sales of the DFLZ SUVs, including Jingyi X3, Jingyi X5 and Jingyi XV, have all exceeded 10,000 units, and the newly introduced SX6, the carmaker’s first 7-seater SUV, will further boost the sales of DFLZ’s SUV products.