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TRW Launches ‘True Original’ – A New Multimedia Campaig

time:2016-07-10 source:未知 click: second
TRW Aftermarket says its unique new multimedia campaign that is set to go live across North America will remind the market that the company is the one “True Original.” Featuring TRW employees from across the globe, the initial phase of the campaign will focus on TRW’s chassis program.
Using focused messaging, the campaign material is aimed at all levels of the North American supply chain: distributors, technicians and the end-user. Through bold new press advertisements and dynamic point-of-sale materials, the campaign aims to generate a new wave of interest in the brand.
Mark Thorpe, vice president of TRW Aftermarket North America, said, “TRW’s OE credentials are vast, with over half of the world’s vehicles equipped from new with the brand’s products. Over time we felt the acronym ‘OE’ had become distorted, generic and overused. This campaign strikes new life into the term ‘Original’ by refocusing on its true meaning. Our intention is that when the market hears the term, it thinks of the TRW brand and all it stands for.
“By stating that TRW is the ‘True Original,’ we mean the total package: the way we act, everything we say and do as well as the passion and commitment we inject into product development,” continued Thorpe. “From the way TRW considers the safety of all road users, the intelligent and innovative methods in which its OE experience translates into its Corner Module aftermarket offer, combined with the ingenuity and dynamism of the employees it attracts and the manner in which it deals with its global customer base and business partners on a local level – TRW really is the ‘True Original.’”
The campaign material features True Original TRW employees. The ride control element is brought to life by Amélie Beauger who works in Germany as TRW’s product controller for Steering, Suspension and Ride Control and in her free time is a horse trail rider. By relating the driving experience to her riding, Beauger’s story shows how she looks for the same thing in her work and her free time: speed, power and safety.
The material communicates the program’s key messages of: most efficient range yet biggest market coverage, enhanced safety by being available in pairs and TRW’s innovative +3 technology, which the company says differentiates the offer from the competition.
The chassis message is told by TRW’s U.K. Senior Supplier Development Engineer Mike Bellaby, who is a committed competitive side car racer and pre-race vehicle scrutineer in his spare time.
The material conveys the brand’s 100-plus years of experience as an OE supplier and how this is directly translated into the aftermarket offer, which the company says reinvigorates TRW’s key messages of OE quality, in-depth testing, breadth and depth of range and all round technical expertise.
Thorpe added, “By continuously writing new standards in safety, TRW offers a whole new way of thinking. Through the stories of the True Originals who work at TRW, we are telling the world why our people make the best parts on the market. The campaign breathes new life into the term ‘Original’ by refocusing on its true meaning.
The next phase of the True Originals campaign will explain the bigger picture of TRW Aftermarket’s global corner module offering. The corner module refers to TRW’s core areas of expertise: braking, steering and suspension and how they are manufactured to work in harmony within the corner of the vehicle.