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M-B plans EV subbrand; sales to start by end of decade

time:2016-08-09 source:未知 click: second
Mercedes-Benz will create a subbrand for electric vehicles, starting with two SUVs and two sedans, sources told Bloomberg.
The subbrand, which has not been named, will adopt distinct design characteristics to set the EVs apart.
Mercedes said in June it would unveil an EV at the Paris auto show next month -- an SUV capable of driving about 310 miles on a single charge.
The German automaker had previously stuck to putting batteries and electric motors in existing models, a cheaper solution than rival BMW's investment in carbon fiber and futuristic design for its i subbrand.
Now their positions are reversed: BMW is holding off on a new i model for another five years. Mercedes will start selling its electric lineup before the end of the decade, one of the people familiar with the plans said.
Christoph Sedlmayr, a spokesman for Mercedes parent Daimler AG, declined to comment on the number of EVs planned and their model types, but he said there will be more than one.
The first of the new EVs will be produced at the company's factory in Bremen, Germany, according to one source. Starting next year, the Bremen plant will also build a fuel cell electric version of the GLC crossover that can be charged with hydrogen and at a wall socket.