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Hanergy releases Solar Car, and distance from lab to road s

time:2016-07-06 source:未知 click: second
     On June 2nd, Hanergy releases four electric vehicles driven by solar power. Different from previous lab samples, Hanergy claims the new car has possibilities to be launched into market. The four solar cars are Hanergy Solar A, Hanergy Solar O, Hanergy Solar L and Hanergy Solar R. The four models are designed with different index according to different custom demands. The models are covered in GaAs film with a size of 3.5 to 7.5 square meters. In fact, this is the second generation products designed by Hanergy independently. It launched the first generation solar power concept vehicle Hanergy Solar Power, applying the Flexible GaAs Technology to electric vehicle for the first time.
    It took three years for Hanergy to practice the plan of using solar power as power engine. Hanergy proposed the mobile energy strategy in as early as 2014 and provided electricity generation parts to racing cars. It also planted the whole set of power generation equipment to mobile dinner cars to provide power for the light, refrigeration and cooking use in 2015.
    But the industrialization of solar cars is still a problem. BEVs have a rapid growth in recently years, mainly promoted by the technological advances of batteries. But solar cars are facing low energy conversion efficiency. The crystalline silicon solar cell used in the early stage has energy conversion efficiency of 14%, providing power for a 10KM range. But Hanergy’s overseas subsidiary could reach a battery conversion rate of 31.6%, providing power for range of 100 KM, which has been verified by authorities.
    Hanergy said that, the battery’s conversion rate will be further increased and the production costs are expected to lower 90% when mass production is achieved. Gao Weimin, was appointed as CEO of Hanergy Solar Car business unit in 2015. In his view, Hanergy will cooperate with the whole auto industrial chain with an open attitude, to achieve the mass production of solar cars.