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IHS Enhances Mexico Automotive Aftermarket Insight With New

time:2016-07-10 source:未知 click: second
IHS Automotive recently expanded its relationship with Integrate Data Facts (IDF), a Michigan-based research company focused exclusively on the Mexico vehicle market, to improve upon its offering of detailed insight into the Mexico automotive market. IHS Automotive is now marketing IDF’s OE research – providing the OE part numbers needed to service this growing key automotive market. In addition, the industry’s most comprehensive vehicles-in-operation (VIO) file for Mexico is now available at both state and city levels.
“Fully understanding the VIO and the OE part numbers needed to service the fleet across the NAFTA region is an important strategic objective for automotive aftermarket companies,” said Mark Seng, global aftermarket practice leader at IHS Automotive, a leading provider of critical information to the global automotive market. “We are excited to combine the experience and broad data assets from IHS Automotive with added expertise on the Mexico market from IDF to provide our customers with the confidence they need to make the right decisions regarding growing their business in this important region.”
“Expanding our relationship with IHS Automotive allows us to continue to provide the aftermarket with industry-leading research and intelligence around the Mexico vehicle market by leveraging the strengths of the two organizations,” said Evaristo Garcia, president of IDF.
IHS and IDF first partnered to provide a complete view of the Mexico vehicle parc in 2014. The two companies say expanding the offering to cover OE part research for light vehicles in Mexico is an important added-value step, as the auto industry in Mexico continues to grow and aftermarket companies pursue new business opportunities.
“IDF has been successfully developing and marketing OE parts research over the past several years,” said Seng. “I am excited about this next step in our relationship. By combining the component research strengths of IDF and the sales and marketing reach of IHS, we are now able to offer our customers the most comprehensive insight into the Mexico aftermarket.
OE part references are available for more than 30 years of coverage, including vehicles from 1985 to current for more than 350 different part types. All of the top makes are covered, representing more than 97 percent of the Mexico VIO.
The OE part research offering complements the current VIO file for Mexico available from IHS.
The Mexico VIO file provides information for vehicles in model years 1961-2016 and is fully mapped to ACES. It was launched at the national level in 2014 but is now also available at the state and municipality levels. The file currently includes detail for 32 states and up to 300 municipalities.
Mexico VIO is available with quarterly updates, making it the most up-to-date information available in the market. With each release, additional details for light vehicles dating back to the 1961 model year, as well as medium- and heavy-duty vehicle detail are being added.
Used vehicles being imported from the United States represented the fastest-growing vehicle population in Mexico in the 2005-2014 timeframe. Until now, aftermarket companies were not able to get details regarding these vehicles, making the development of a catalog for replacement parts very difficult.
IHS and IDF have developed methodology to identify and provide details for these vehicles that are crossing the border into Mexico. This information is being developed and will be included as part of the quarterly updates in time for demonstrations with customers during AAPEX 2016.