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Exhibits Scope

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Exhibits Scope

Exhibit Profile:

1. Automotive parts: Body system: tires, panels, steering wheel, instrument, lamps, seats, related equipment, etc.Drive system: engine, variable speed, drive transmission, exhaust technology, etc .; Chassis system: shaft, steering, brakes, steering wheel, instrument, lamp, seat, related equipment, Suspension, etc .; automotive electrical and electronic systems: power, ignition, starting, signal lighting, instrumentation and auxiliary electrical devices; general parts and automobile manufacturing related materials;
2. Automotive parts processing related technology and equipment; metal cutting, cutting, grinding, drilling, drilling equipment, stamping, forging, bending technology and equipment; laser cutting, marking technology and equipment; resin technology; die casting / casting, surface treatment / Heat treatment technology and equipment; automotive parts cutting fluid lubrication products;
3. Automotive mold and related support: automotive mold and mold products; metal cutting precision and special processing machine tools, tools; automobile mold manufacturing equipment; tool and die steel materials, automotive mold production materials; digital mold technology, 3D printing technology.