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Exhibition consultation
Mr.Brian BAO 
86-023 6756 2260

Exhibition consultation
Mr. Edwin QI
86-023 6756 2260
QQ: 2976274180 

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Build Guide

If you want to construct your booth

Guangzhou JS Watson Exhibition Co,.Ltd

Exhibition Director

Mr. Brian  BAO   
Mob:86-181 0257 5351
Tel:86-020 3439 7221


Exhibition service companies:
1). Wuhan Tianwei Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Mr. Wang Jin   Mob:13387562167  Email:
2).Wuhan Duorenxing Exhibition Service Co.,ltd
 Mr .Ma Gancai  Tel:13871246746,  027 8531 5811
3).  Beijing Ideal Exhibition Exhibition Serviceco.,Ltd
Ms .Yan LIU  Mob: 13520769559  Email:

Usually, we will send the manual  to exhibitors four months before the show. All the information will be on it.